Belmond Road to Mandalay - Fleuve Ayeyardwady

An epic voyage along the Ayeyarwady

Find tranquility along Myanmar’s most fabled river, gliding past ancient pagodas and charming fishing villages

With just 43 cabins, Belmond Road to Mandalay is an intimate experience that matches the peace of your surroundings. Head to the top deck and sip cocktails in the stylish lounge, or sink into a padded rattan chair and watch the scenery unfold. You’ll also find our pool here—just what you need in the sweet, tropical heat.


Step into a world alive with colour and rich with tradition. Watch as the sun glances off golden temples and saffron-robed monks wind their way through the streets.
Markets of amber-coloured spices, lush green tea fields and the vibrant threads of traditional garments dazzle. On this journey, Myanmar’s arresting history unfolds as carefully-crafted tours and lectures draw you in.


Cool, comfortable and filled with light, our cabins make the perfect sanctuary after a day under the Myanmar sun. Here you wake to wide river views and stretch out in style.
Little touches of luxury can be found at every turn. Distinctive local weavings and wood carvings adorn the walls. Bright flashes of exotic flowers punctuate the scene. Spacious en-suite bathrooms gleam.


Forever pioneers of luxury adventure, we introduced river cruising to Myanmar in 1996. Belmond Road to Mandalay was the country’s first cruiser of its kind. Now, 20 years later, Belmond has developed strong ties with the local communities along the river. There’s no company more experienced to travel the Ayeyarwady with : you’re in safe hands.


East Mingles with West
An explosion of Burmese, Thai, Indonesian, Indian and European flavours awaits.

Barbeque Beneath the Stars
As you savour each tender grilled bite, live music drifts up into the night sky.


The serenity of a spa cruise
Revive with a yoga class under the hazy morning sun. Float looking up at the clouds in our on-deck pool. Indulge in a massage or manicure. Taking time out to relax and reconnect is at the heart of this Myanmar adventure.